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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chichawatni Pak


Here we will discuss the best places to visit in Chichawatni. Chichawatni is a small city in Punjab, which is situated on the GT road between Lahore and Multan. There are not many places in this city where you can visit because it is very small. But in this article, we will see which are the famous and beautiful places that you can visit in Chichawatni.


If we talk about the famous places of Chichawatni, the first place that comes to mind is the Masnoi Jungle, which is the second largest Masnoi Jungle in Pakistan. Due to this forest, Chichawatni has a very positive impact on the environment around it. There are many fast food restaurants in this city such as Pizza Dot, and Papa Chinos, where you can eat delicious fast food. The city is also famous for its unique and stylish marriage hall and restaurant named Dewan-e-khasTajMahal Hotel.

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  • Forest House
  • Harapa
  • Murtazashaheed park
  • Rahat park
  • Railway station
  • River Ravi
  • Main bazaar
  • Maalmandi
  • Sabzimandi
  • Gala mandi


The best place to visit In Chichawatni is Forest House 

Forest House  Chichawatni
Forest House  Chichawatni


Other than this, right next to Chichawatni, there is a small town called Harapan, which is very important historically. There is a big canal near the Chichawatni jungle. If we cover a distance of    2 km from that canal, there is a beautiful place called Forest House. Many people visit this place. Especially wedding couples go there and take photos. If you visit Chichawatni, don’t forget to visit Forest House in Chichawatni. Because this is a very good place in Chichawatni.

You can go to this forest house with your family. In the front area of this forest house, a large grassy plot has been maintained in a very good way. There are some rooms available on its backside. And if we go a little behind it, you will find a very large forest where you can go for a walk.

The residents of Chichawatni visit this place with their families every Saturday. They cook and take some things with them. They sit there, spread the carpet, and eat their food. They enjoy the surrounding environment, the river, and the forest. Many people take BBQ party items here and make BBQ and eat it.


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Harapa Is a Historical Place to Visit In Chichawtni

Historical Place to Visit In Chichawtni
Historical Place to Visit In Chichawtni


Chichawatni’s second most famous and historical place is Harapa, which is located 15 km away from Chichawatni on Shahiwal Road. The city of Harapa has gained acceptance in the whole of Pakistan historically.

It is said that thousands of years ago, there was a nation here. But this nation was punished by God. And the place of the city of Hadapa was completely overturned by God. Because of this, all the people living here were destroyed. Now people visit this place to get a sign of worship.

There is also a Harapa Museum here, which opens and closes on its own time. If you go inside the Harapa Museum, you will find the tools of those people and a lot of old traditions that the people of that time used. In addition to this, a male and a female statue has been placed in the Hadappa Museum, which people see and get a lesson. The parking area of this place is also quite big and open. There are 5-6 big grassy plots along with the Adapa Museum, where people sit and enjoy.


Murtaza Shaheed Park 

Most famous and biggest park in Chichawatni
The most famous and biggest park in Chichawatni

If you want to visit an open area like a park, then the most famous and biggest park in Chichawatni is Murtaza Shaheedpark whose old name was Nawaz Sharif Park which is located in Chichawatni at OkanWala Road. This park is very big and open, and the grassy plot has been maintained very well. Recently, a gym has also been opened in this park. Besides this, a lot of people come and enjoy this park. Especially on famous days like Eid, Eid-ul-Miladun, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha, people come here for outings.

Apart from this, there are many swings for children in this park, like Dragon, and many other swings where children come and enjoy. The price of these swings is also very low. You get a ticket for only Rs. 50. Every ticket for a swing is Rs. 50. There is no price higher than Rs. 50 for any swing. That’s why people love to come here.


Rahat Park In 

Rahat Park
Rahat Park

If we talk about parks in Chichawatni, then after Murtaza Shaheed Park, the second park is Rahat Park, which is much smaller than Nawaz Sharif Park. This park is a very old park which is located on Begum Shenaz Road. There are no swings for children in Rahat Park, nor is there any ticket here. But the grassy plots have been maintained well here, where people come to take photos, take pictures, and enjoy the walk with their families.


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Chichawatni Railway Station

Railway Station
Railway Station

To visit Chichawatni, you have another option, Chichawatni Railway Station. Because Chichawatni is not very big, people turn towards the railway station. The railway station is very open and magnificent. People come here to walk and spend their time.

The rush at the railway station is so small that there is no rush at all. Because the city is very small. Only rush occurs when there is a train arrival or departure time. Apart from this, that place is often empty. And there are different sheds and tables and chairs there, where people sit and enjoy.




The best place to Visit River Ravi 

Best Places to Visit in Chichawatni
Best Places to Visit in Chichawatni


The Ravi River passes right next to the city. But unfortunately, the Ravi River does not have a lot of water. But people still go to the banks of the river and enjoy their time. If you are a foodie and are interested in fish, then you should visit this place in this city. Because right on the bank of the River Ravi, where the Tool Plaza is located, you will find a lot of shops that will fry fresh fish for you.

In Chichawatni city, their most special dish, which is located on the banks of the Ravi river, is Kala Rahu fish, which is available fried as well as grilled fish. Its price is also not very high. The price of fried fish is Rs.1100 and grilled fish is Rs.1400. This is why people sit here with their families to eat fish and enjoy the weather.

These famous fish shops of Chichawatni are located at a distance of 3 km from Chichawadni on Kamaliya Road.


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Main Bazar of The City


If you visit this city and want to shop, and want to see the choices of the people here and what things they like to buy, then you should visit the main bazaar of Chichagini, which is located at FawaraChowk.

This is the main bazaar for shopping in the city. In this bazaar, you can find all kinds of clothes, children’s, women’s, old people’s, and other necessities. But this market is not as open as other big cities. As a small city, the villagers visit this city. And this market closes early from 9 to 10 at night.


Cattle Market Chichawatni Famous Mandi


If you are interested in buying and selling animals, then you should visit the Chichawatni cattle market. Because this market is very famous. This is a small city, but the market here and the cows and buffaloes here are famous all over Pakistan.

In this market, most of the animals come from Karachi and the guard of this market is very big. In this market, you have a place to stay at night and beds are available, where you can stay for 2 to 3 days and purchase or sell your animals.

In this famous market of the city, you can find very good buffaloes of good breed. But their price is very high because of their breed. This place is full of animals and people visit every month on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Apart from this, it is almost empty for the rest of the days.


The small city in Punjab called Chichawatni is located between Lahore and Multan on the GT route. This city is relatively small, so there aren’t many places to visit there.

Two kilometers away from that canal lies a lovely location known as Forest House. A lot of people come here to visit. Couples getting married go there and take pictures. Don’t forget to visit Forest House in Chichawatni if you happen to be in the area. Since this is one of the best places to visit.

Situated 15 kilometers from Chichawatni on Shahiwal Road, Harapa is the second most famous and historically significant location in Chichawatni. Some other famous places to visit in the city are Rahat Park, Railway Station, River Ravi, Main Bazaar, and MaalMandi.

I hope this article helped you locate the top locations in Chichawatni.

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