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Top 10 Most Famous Restaurants In Multan | Dishes


There are many famous restaurants in Multan to eat delicious food. Everyone wants to get good food if he invests so that he does not regret it later. Tourist places website has been brought to you to solve this problem. We have collected data from different websites, YouTube channels, TikTok accounts, and reviews of the residents of Multan City so that we can provide you with information about the best and most affordable places with quality food in Multan. There are many other famous places in Pakistan to eat.

Like other cities, Multan is also famous throughout Punjab for its delicious food items. Here is the list of the most popular restaurants in Multan. Gulgasht Colony in Multan is a very famous place for its restaurants and tasty food. If you want to visit this city there are many famous places to visit in this city.


  • Bandu Khan
  • Shangrilla Chinese
  • London Courtyard
  • Shahjahan Grill
  • X2 Restaurant
  • BBQ Tonight
  • Aangan 
  • Monal
  • Hafiz Alwadood Sohan Halwa
  • Al Qamer Nihrai For Breakfast


Bandu Khan is one of the Most Famous Restaurants In Multan


Bandu Khan is one of the best places to eat
Bandu Khan is one of the best places to eat



If we rank restaurants, the first one is the Bandu Khan in Multan. This is one of the most famous places in this city. you can enjoy indoor and outdoor seating arrangements here. The restaurant serves traditional and genuine Desi food, including both sweet and savory meals. In addition to the a la fare menu, the restaurant serves regular buffets that are delicious and inexpensive.

The restaurant’s specialty dishes are Zafrani Mutton Leg With Almond Masala, or spice boneless handi, and Meat Tawa Chops.

Many people come here across the with their families and friends to enjoy and spend quality time.


Address Bundu Khan Restaurant, Chowk، Altaf Town, Multan,

Contact Number (061) 4540111


Shangrilla Chinese In Cantt Area


Shangrilla Chinese
Shangrilla Chinese


Another option in Multan is Shangrilla Chinese, where you can enjoy continental food and taste. This is one of the old and famous Chinese Restaurants in Multan. The environment and customer service here are excellent. A parking facility is also available here for your vehicles. This is one of the best places to eat in 2024. This is one of the best restaurants in Multan Cantt.

When you visit Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant, you should enjoy their famous dishes such as tasty hot and sour soup, chow mein, Mutton Karahi, and kung pao chicken. You must try all these dishes.


Address  Mohammad Ali Bohra Road, Saddar Multan Cantt Commercial Area, Multan


London Courtyard In Gulgasht Colony


London Courtyard In Gulgasht
London Courtyard In Gulgasht


London Courtyard offers you a very relaxing environment where you can relax your mind. Italian, fast food, Coffee, and many sweets are included in their most popular foods. All the food items in this place are very affordable and delicious. This restaurant started its business in 2017 and became very famous in Multan City in a very short period due to its fresh food items.

It’s an ideal eating location for friends and relatives. Some of the most famous meals that they offer are the famous cappuccino, Traditional Caesar Salad, Oxford stuff chicken, and, of course, molten lava cake.


Address: In Gulgasht Multan

Contact Number +92 322 2247111


Shahjahan Grill


Shahjahan Grill
Shahjahan Grill


If you are a fan of the food of the Mughal Empire and want to eat food from that style, then you must visit ShahJahan Grill in this city. This restaurant is located in a magnificent place of Multan Gulgasht. This historical restaurant provides well-furnished furniture and a cozy environment to its customers.

The menu card of Shahjahan Grill includes over two hundred culinary items. These goods include a variety of Pakistani and Western meals.

Don’t forget to taste their signature Afghani and boneless handis, tasty chicken biryanis, and maghaz. If you are a vegetarian looking for a magnificent Mughal restaurant experience, this is the spot for you because they also serve a wide selection of vegetarian cuisine.

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X2 Restaurant In Gulgasht Multan


X2 Restaurant Multan
X2 Restaurant Multan


X2 is another excellent option in Multan, serving contemporary cuisine to the public. X2 Pan-Asian Dining and Café X2 is a new restaurant and café bar in Multan. This eatery is located at 25-A Gulgasht Colony, Multan. You can also enjoy a candlelight dinner in Multan in this amazing place.

The restaurant’s décor is minimalist, with a touch of luxury and modern decor. The entire atmosphere of the site is extremely relaxing and calm.

X2 Restaurant Multan offers both Asian and continental cuisine. This restaurant offers a variety of appetizers and starters.

Aside from the normal menu, the restaurant serves high tea and buffets. They currently offer both lunch and dinner menus to their customers, which contain a wide variety of dishes. And the best thing is that the restaurant is affordable.


BBQ Tonight In Cantt Area


Best restaurant in Multan is BBQ Tonight
The best restaurant in Multan is BBQ Tonight



Another best restaurant in Multan is BBQ Tonight. This is one of the oldest places to eat in Multan. It started serving its food on the 10th of  November 1988. After that, this restaurant developed and made its branches and today it is the most visible restaurant in the entire city, where delicious and low-priced food is offered.

BBQ Tonight, located in the lovely Chaman Zar Askari Jheel, is ideal for those looking to enjoy wonderful meals in beautiful and calm surroundings.

In short, BBQ Tonight is a great spot for those who enjoy BBQ, karahi, and kulchas. The cuisine is delicious and reasonably priced.


Address   Near Askari Petrol Pump Cantt Jheel Multan


Luxury Place Aangan Restaurant


Famous restaurants in Multan
Famous restaurants in Multan


Aangan is one of Multan’s most exquisite and high-end restaurants. Everything about the setting, the décor, and the tableware conveys sophistication and class.

Aangan offers a one-of-a-kind and luxurious atmosphere while serving authentic desi cuisine.

Some of the foods to sample at the restaurant include Murgh grilled food, Mutton & Lamb BBQ, Beef BBQ, Taka Tak, and seafood.


Address 40 A Gulgasht Colony Multan


Monal Restaurant


That seems thrilling! The Monal has a solid reputation for providing a fine dining experience at reasonable pricing, and bringing it to Multan will undoubtedly be appreciated by both locals and visitors. The mix of superb cuisine, a warm atmosphere, and cheap rates makes it a distinctive eating destination. I’m sure many Multan residents are excited about the grand inauguration!


Multan Famous Desi Food Places


Multan’s Desi Eateries offer the greatest rabri falooda, a popular cold dessert in Pakistan. Ahmad Milk and Foods, located near Chowk Fuwara, is among the city’s oldest dairy merchants. They began as milk and yoghurt merchants, but today offer fresh barfi, yoghurt, milk, and rabri falooda.


The Most Famous Dish Is Sohan Halwa of Hafiz Alwadood


Multani Sohan Halwa
Multani Sohan Halwa



Multani Sohan Halwa from Hafiz Alwadood is well-known for its rich flavor and high-quality ingredients, particularly desi ghee. The traditional preparation method and use of high-quality ingredients add to its popularity. Hafiz Alwadood’s commitment to using desi ghee improves the halwa’s flavor, making it a popular delicacy among both residents and visitors. Multan is also famous for its sohan halwa throughout Pakistan.


Al-Qamar Nihari  For Breakfast In  Multam Cantt


Al-Qamar Nihari  For Breakfast
Al-Qamar Nihari  For Breakfast



Al-Qamar Nihari in this city is famous for its rich, fragrant nihari, a classic Pakistani meal. Nihari is the customary breakfast among Pakistan’s desi food aficionados and with good reason. This delicious stew is cooked with pork and bone marrow and served with flatbread or naan.

There are several Nihari restaurants throughout the city, but Al-Qamar Nihari delivers the best platefuls of hot, delicious Nihari. Located in Multan’s major market. Locals and travelers alike flock to this restaurant for its authentic recipe, which is slow-cooked with premium ingredients and spices, resulting in a wonderful culinary experience that keeps customers returning for more.


In Conclusion, Multan has so many best places to eat all types of foods. In this post, we have discussed the best restaurants, the famous dishes of each restaurant, desi foods, Italian Foods, Chinese Food, Gulgasht Colony which is a famous place to eat, and Multani Sohan Halwa.

I hope you’ve found the best place in Multan to eat delicious meals. If you have any further questions about this, please leave a comment or visit our homepage.


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