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There are many famous restaurants in Islamabad where you can enjoy delicious food. Islamabad is one of the most famous cities in Pakistan to visit. Here we will discuss the most popular food places in Islamabad. This post will cover all the variety of food such as if you want to eat Pakistan food items, Italian food items, Japanese dishes, and Chinese food items in this city.

I know eating delicious food is the wish of everyone to make his day memorable. Having a bad experience with food items is worst for everyone so we have shared some more trustworthy and famous restaurants after reviewing many sites and YouTube channels and compiling all the data in this single post related to restaurants in Islamabad. There are many other famous places in Pakistan to eat.

El Momento Steakhouse Islamabad



Famous restaurants In Islamabad
Famous Restaurants in Islamabad




El Momento Steakhouse, which ranks among the top restaurants in Islamabad, is a haven for steak enthusiasts. This restaurant specializes in succulent steaks prepared to perfection, as the name implies.

El Momento, tucked away in the posh Beverly Centre in F-6, Islamabad, is the perfect location for special occasions or romantic evenings. El Momento’s modern yet homely atmosphere makes the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable meal.


A variety of expertly grilled steaks with mouthwatering flavors and softness are available on the menu. It’s the perfect place for steak lovers because of the chefs’ skill at creating dishes tailored to each customer’s preferences. Among the greatest restaurants in Islamabad, El Momento Steakhouse is a standout choice for a classy and fulfilling dinner.


1969 Restaurant


1969 Restaurant
1969 Restaurant


You must Visit 1969 Restaurant if you want a romantic move down memory lane. This restaurant, situated in Shakarparian, Islamabad, on Garden Avenue, exquisitely embodies the spirit of the 1960s.

You’ll be transported back in time by the delicious selection of classic foods and the retro-themed atmosphere. But more than just the atmosphere, this restaurant’s cuisine is what draws customers in and keeps them coming back for more. This is one of the best place to eat.


The menu offers a variety of continental and Pakistani dishes, each of which explodes with flavor. The talented chefs produce culinary wonders that will thrill both foreign guests and local cuisine fans by combining quality products and traditional seasonings.


The Monal Restaurant

The Monal Restaurant
The Monal Restaurant


Not only is Monal Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Islamabad, but it’s an experience in and of itself, perched atop the gorgeous Margalla Hills. Both locals and visitors love this well-known dining place because it provides stunning panoramic views of Islamabad. You can enjoy food in a pleasant environment and view this stunning capital.


The picturesque surroundings and rustic charm of the Monal combine to create an enchanted atmosphere. Serving a wide range of patrons, the restaurant offers a multi-food menu that includes Continental, Chinese, and Pakistani cuisine.

The Monal offers a spectacular dining experience with unmatched views of the city below, making it the ideal venue for a special occasion, family get-together, or romantic evening with loved ones. It would be impossible to visit Islamabad and not indulge in the delectable dishes and enthralling atmosphere of Monal Restaurant.



Cafe Rustic


Cafe Rustic is the Best Restaurant
Cafe Rustic is the Best Restaurant


Nestled in the center of E-7 Markaz, Cafe Rustic is an artistic hidden gem that serves up modern comfort food to patrons who enjoy a laid-back vibe.


This quaint café offers a varied menu that combines continental, Mediterranean, and Pakistani flavors. Cafe Rustic offers an extensive menu of delectable cuisine to suit every palate, ranging from substantial breakfast options to lavish lunch and dinner alternatives. A comfortable and relaxed setting for enjoying delicious meals with friends and family is created by the cafe’s rustic decor and friendly atmosphere. A great option for a fun night in a warm environment is Cafe Rustic.


Street 1 cafe


Street 1 cafe In F 6
Street 1 cafe In F 6


Nestled in F-6, Islamabad is a lively and well-liked restaurant called Street 1 Cafe. This vibrant café is a favorite hangout for the young, trendy residents of the city. With a variety of fusion meals and various cuisines, the menu represents the varied preferences of the nation’s capital. With delectable burgers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes to choose from, Street 1 Cafe makes sure that every meal is a memorable food trip.


The cafe is a great option for a pleasant get-together with friends or a casual supper because of its delicious menu and stylish, modern atmosphere.


District 6 In Sector F-6 Islamabad


Restaurant is well-liked by both locals and visitors
The restaurant is well-liked by both locals and visitors


An undiscovered treasure in the center of F-6, Islamabad is District 6. This restaurant is well-liked by both locals and visitors because it serves a unique blend of Pakistani and foreign cuisine. District 6’s sophisticated and modern atmosphere makes for the ideal backdrop for a fun get-together.


District 6’s menu features a wide variety of foods that are all expertly prepared with careful attention to detail. This restaurant offers everything for everyone, whether your taste is for traditional Pakistani food or you want to try some other cuisines. Distinctive biryanis and succulent steaks are among the culinary masterpieces created by the chefs of District 6.


Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad


Tuscany Courtyard For Italian Food
Tuscany Courtyard For Italian Food


Located in the popular F-6 Kohsar Market, Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad is a quaint Italian eatery. As soon as you enter this institution, the charming streets of Italy will immediately come to mind. The mood for a romantic and enjoyable evening is set by the warm and rustic atmosphere, which includes Italian design.


Tuscany Courtyard’s food celebrates traditional Italian flavors. Every menu item, including wood-fired pizzas and traditional pasta dishes, is made with the best ingredients to guarantee a mouthwatering flavor. This restaurant is a favorite among Italian food fans because of its dedication to preserving the authentic flavor of Italian cuisine.


BLT ( Beef, Lettuce, Tomato)


BLT ( Beef, Lettuce, Tomato )
BLT ( Beef, Lettuce, Tomato )


The BLT Capital Grill is a high-end restaurant located in the famous Beverly Centre, F-6 Blue Area. This eating facility is synonymous with elegance and sophistication, providing a great dining experience unlike any other in the city. It is regarded as one of the greatest restaurants to visit in Islamabad.

The food at The Capital Grill is a gastronomic masterpiece, combining continental and Mediterranean cuisines. Each meal is expertly prepared by trained chefs who prioritize the use of high-quality ingredients and unique cooking methods. The restaurant’s menu, which includes delicious steaks and fresh seafood, is a culinary delight.


6 Romantic Restaurants in Islamabad For That Perfect Dinner


The Capital Grill

The Capital Grill
The Capital Grill


The Capital Grill, located near Beverly Centre, F-6, is a highly recommended restaurant in Islamabad for meat lovers. The goal of this posh steakhouse is to provide the highest caliber meat dishes while providing an opulent eating experience. The restaurant takes great satisfaction in offering tender, flavorful steaks that melt in your tongue.


The menu also offers a variety of gourmet salads and sides to pair with the filling main courses. The stylish and elegant décor of The Capital Grill creates the ideal atmosphere for a special occasion with fine food. The Capital Grill offers a unique culinary experience for any occasion, whether it’s a celebration or a business dinner.


Mindanos In F6 Markaz

Mindanos In F6
Mindanos In F6


Mindanos is a fine dining establishment located in the center of F-6 Markaz that takes guests to the coast of the Mediterranean. The exquisite flavors of Mediterranean cuisine are complemented by the immersive experience created by the restaurant’s lovely atmosphere and careful attention to detail.


Their menu is a harmony of flavors, with colorful veggies, fragrant herbs, and fresh fish. Every dish, from decadent grilled seafood platters to classic beef favorites, is a celebration of the area’s rich culinary history. Mindanos is well-known for being among the greatest restaurants in Islamabad, Pakistan. Its commitment to utilizing only the best ingredients is evident, making it a must-visit location for foodies.


Italian Oven In F-10


Italian Oven
Italian Oven


The Italian Oven in F-10 is a culinary paradise for those who enjoy Italian food. For lovers of pasta and pizza, this place is a haven, offering a true Italian taste right in the middle of Islamabad. With its rustic décor and cozy, welcoming ambiance, Italian Oven transports you to a classic Italian trattoria.


The wood-fired oven pizzas at Italian Oven are the highlight of the restaurant. These thin-crust, handcrafted treats are a symphony of flavors with every bite. They are topped with a variety of fresh ingredients. Pizza options range from traditional margaritas to creative gourmet dishes, all of which are quite delicious.

Atrio Cafe And Grill


Atrio Cafe And Grill
Atrio Cafe And Grill


One of Islamabad’s most well-known eateries, Atrio Café & Grill is prominently situated in the center of the F-7 district. It is renowned for its sophisticated setting, friendly service, and food that combines traditional and modern flavors.


When visitors enter Atrio Café & Grill, they are welcomed with a contemporary yet welcoming ambiance with chic furnishings and cozy seating configurations. Whether it’s a professional lunch, a romantic supper, or a family get-together, the restaurant’s ambiance makes for an unforgettable eating experience.


La Montana Restaurant


La Montana
La Montana


La Montana Restaurant in the Margalla Hills is a must-visit for everyone who enjoys dining outside. This restaurant, perched atop the picturesque hills, provides amazing panoramic views of the city below. La Montana offers an equally amazing gastronomic experience, with a wide variety of delicious meals influenced by Pakistani and foreign cultures.


Every item, from savory biryanis to luscious kebabs, is made with careful attention to detail. La Montana promises an amazing experience that skillfully combines the beauty of nature with delectable flavors, whether you’re enjoying a meal inside or outside.


Best Restaurants in DHA Islamabad


Em En Cafe In Islamabad F-6 Sector


The spirit of a European-style café is perfectly embodied by Em En Caffè, which is situated in the busy F-6 Markaz supermarket in the center of Islamabad. This quaint café is well-known for its superb coffee concoctions as well as a selection of delicious pastries and small meals. Whether you’re craving a smooth cappuccino, a rich espresso, or a cool iced latte, Em En Caffè offers coffee that compares favorably to the greatest cafés in the world.


Indulge in the delectable flavors of expertly created beverages and delicacies while unwinding, catching up with friends, or just enjoying a bit of isolation thanks to the warm and inviting ambiance.


The Top 5 Most Expensive  Restaurants in Islamabad


Asian Work


Asian Wok, one of the priciest restaurants in the city, is unquestionably a chance to indulge in an excellent private dining experience. Asian Wok, one of Islamabad’s best restaurants, is located in the Beverly Centre Blue Area. It has a gorgeous atmosphere and exquisite cuisine that features a variety of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese foods. The Lobster, which costs Rs. 4,295 and comes with a choice of sauce, is one of the most expensive dishes on the menu.


Fuoco In F 6 Markaz


Situated in F-6 Markaz, Fuoco is widely regarded as one of Islamabad’s most luxurious restaurants. It continues to have amazing customers with its delicious food. This Italian restaurant’s exquisite cuisine, opulent decor, and prompt service have raised the bar for the industry.


The most costly item on the restaurant’s premium menu, which includes pastrami pizza, Italian sausage, wagyu steak, and beyond burger, is the wagyu steak with culurgiones, which costs Rs. 13,000 in total.

Visit the Fuoco restaurant if you’re ready to indulge in the most delicious food in Islamabad and are in for an exciting dining experience.


Zigolini restaurant In Islamabad Marriott Hotel


The Zigolini restaurant, housed inside the Islamabad Marriott Hotel, is renowned for serving delicious, authentic Italian food. Zigolini is renowned for its mouthwatering pasta and hand-tossed pizzas, and it takes great pleasure in serving its patron’s elegant cuisine. Since Zigolini opened its doors in 2012, an Italian-born chef with years of expertise in the kitchen has been in charge of the staff and has upheld the restaurant’s standards.


The typical cost of dining at Zigolini, which is renowned for serving genuine Tuscan Italian cuisine in a five-star setting, is approximately Rs. 3,500 per person.


Wild Rice Restaurant Serena Hotel


Another spot with great food at high prices is the Wild Rice restaurant. This restaurant, which is housed inside the Islamabad Serena Hotel, serves delicious Chinese food in addition to Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian specialties.


The cuisine is wonderful and the ambiance is just right, making the dining experience enjoyable. The US prime sirloin of beef, which costs Rs. 5,050, is the most costly item on the restaurant’s varied menu, which also includes seafood, Chinese cuisine, beef, and lamb meals.


Zamana In Serena Hotel


Zamana Cafe is an a la carte restaurant with breakfast, lunch, and supper buffet located inside the Serena Hotel in Islamabad. The restaurant creates a wonderful dining experience by combining delicious continental cuisine with traditional Pakistani delicacies. Lamb chops made with imported meat and paired with crispy fries, potato wedges, or roasted seasonal vegetables are the most costly dish on the menu, costing Rs. 6,550.


Here is our selection of the top 5 pricey fine-dining establishments in Islamabad that you shouldn’t miss. Each of these restaurants is among the best in the city, providing fine dining, a tranquil atmosphere, and exceptional service to make your meal memorable.


Most Popular Restaurants


Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant in F-7


Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant is a well-known restaurant that blends modern design with traditional aesthetics. It is situated in Islamabad F7. With a focus on Chinese and Thai food, they have affordable prices. Their Hi-Tea buffet, which offers a range of delicious delicacies, including the well-known three-milk cake dessert, is one of the highlights. There are many Chinese and continental selections on the menu, and all of them are expertly prepared. The service is timely and effective.


Ox and Grill


Ox and Grill is a restaurant located in Islamabad’s F7 Markaz. It’s well-known for its American food. Their famous tacos and nachos are among their specialties and are loved by patrons. They make the nachos in a special method that makes for a fun experience. Their hot and sour soup is another meal that is highly recommended; it tastes great. The juicy, well-cooked beef steak at Ox & Grill is incredible.


Khiva Restaurant F-7


When we went to Khiva Restaurant F-7 in November 2021, we found some old phone pictures. My main sources of protein are pig, chicken, and fish because I don’t like lamb or beef. But I decided to give it a try when our host served us lamb at Khiva Restaurant F-7 when we first arrived in Islamabad. I was encouraged to sample it by those seated around the table, even though at first I was hesitant.


Kabul in F7-Markaz


The well-regarded Kabul Restaurant is located in F7-Markaz and serves a fine array of traditional Afghani foods in a traditional yet elegant setting. Customers can enjoy their meals in any of the restaurant’s indoor or outdoor dining areas. Kabul Restaurant has a strong culinary legacy and presents dishes with precision, impressing guests while emphasizing the preservation of Afghani culture. Every customer’s happiness is given priority by the knowledgeable and effective personnel, who make sure that everyone departs happy.


Des Pardes Restaurant

Famous in Islamabad, Des Pardes Restaurant serves classic Mughlai and Continental cuisine. The regular hi-tea at the Sector E-11 branch is well-known. Furthermore, Kohsar Market’s F6 restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional Pakistani food in a welcoming setting. Tucked away in Saidpur Village, with its dedication to maintaining traditional cooking methods and recipes, it provides a deeply immersive cultural experience.


Bar B.Q. Tonight


A well-known restaurant in Islamabad, Bar B.Q. Tonight specializes in serving traditional Pakistani food, including a BBQ menu. It is known for using fresh, natural ingredients and having good cleanliness standards. It is located in the Blue Area. A carnivore’s paradise, the menu offers a wide selection of marinated and well-cooked grilled meats over open flames. The eatery is renowned for providing customers with a superb barbecue experience featuring soft, flavorful pork.


Khoka Khola In Blue Area


Situated in the Blue Area, tucked away in a corner of the well-known Beverly Centre in Islamabad, Khoka Khola is a true treat. The atmosphere is chic and modern, heavily influenced by pop culture. They provide a wide range of regional and street cuisine options, all of which are expertly made and exquisitely presented. The entire dining experience is enhanced by the staff’s exceptional friendliness and attentiveness. There’s nothing wrong with this place—it’s highly recommended!


Khyber Dodai Afghan restaurant


Popular Afghan restaurant Khyber Dodai is well-known for its delicious and genuine Afghan food in Islamabad. Their menu, which features classic dishes like Lamb Tikka, Namkeen Tikka, and Shinwari Karahi, really embodies the flavors of Afghanistan. One of their specialties, the Painda, is a perfect example of traditional Afghani cuisine.


I had their Shinwari karahi, and the lamb and chicken were delicious. Although the lamb namkeen boti was tasty, it would be even better with more masala. Chapal kababs were passable, considering that I’ve had better ones. The kabuli pulao was also delicious. 45 minutes or so for serving. Fantastic atmosphere for the theme.


Savour Foods Is one of the Famous Restaurants In Islamabad


In Islamabad, Pakistan, Savour Foods is a reputable fast-food franchise with more than thirty years of operation. The eatery is well-known for its tasty and reasonably priced Pakistani and fast food fare, which includes its house specialty, “chana chaat,” a hot and spicy chickpea salad. Savour Foods has several locations throughout the city and provides comfortable seats and a warm atmosphere.


A substantial supper for one person, and you may get everything you need in one little, affordable package. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should do so right away. Extremely advisable


Top Hidden Restaurants in Islamabad


China Town Kitchen in  F6


You can find China Town Kitchen in the F6 Supermarket. Chinatown Kitchen is well-known for its incredibly flavorful and fiery soups. We went to Chinatown to get Szechuan soup. There are plenty of additional culinary items available. Staff that is friendly and professional. Have fun when visiting Chinatown.

It’s a recently built restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere. Though it’s still not as good as other Chinese restaurants, Jade offers a nicer atmosphere than China Town. There was no wait when we came, and it was quiet. The food was also excellent. Overall, it was a positive experience; I will return.


Sakura Japanese Restaurant


For its delicious food, the Sakura Japanese Restaurant comes highly recommended. The great quality of the cuisine justifies a 5-star review, despite the somewhat subpar and understaffed service. The sushi rolls with crab, tuna, and jalapeño cheese were excellent, as was the appetizer of kami karate. Each meal had a tonne of flavor and was prepared with fresh ingredients. For sushi lovers, it’s a spot that should be visited again!

Had a wonderful time eating at the Japanese restaurant! The decor was authentically Japanese, adding to the peaceful atmosphere. The cuisine was excellent, each dish beautifully prepared and brimming with flavor. The meal was made even more enjoyable by the excellent service. A must-visit location for anyone in the mood for delectable Japanese food!


Arz Lebanon Restaurant For Sea Food


With real dishes from both cultures, Arz Lebanon Restaurant serves a distinctive blend of Lebanese and Syrian food. Rich flavors and vivid colors abound in this array of mouthwatering appetizers that are included on the menu. Indulge in a range of alternatives, including bread, hummus, pickles, and raw vegetables, or go for more substantial fare like kababs or grilled and seasoned seafood. This Middle Eastern establishment’s late-night hours are one of its most notable features.

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