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Papa Chinos Chichawatni PHONE # AND Menu


Welcome to Papa Chino’s fast food restaurant Chichawatni, where you can find delicious and fresh food such as pizza, spin rolls, wings, nuggets, fries, zinger burgers, etc. Papa Chino’s mission is to offer our customers outstanding dining experiences while maintaining the highest standards of quality and taste.

They have medium-sized arrangements of sitting for their customers. They have a well-decorated hall and have the facility of separation for family. Papa Chinos has a neat and clean kitchen area attached to its main dining hall. Papa Chino’s is the best choice for you to eat fast food items in Chichawatni.

This is a list of the high-quality foods they provide for the Chichawatni area at fair pricing. If you live in Chichawatni or a neighbouring city and are looking for pizza near me, you may get pizza from the Papa Chinos fast food restaurant online. They offer the greatest services whether you want to order pizza for delivery to your house in Chichiwatenni City or dine in. The pizza delivery person will arrive at the town’s specified address on time.


Papa Chinos Chichawatni
Papa Chinos Chichawatni


List of food offered by Papa Chinos Menu Chichawatni


Pizza Flavors offered by Papa Chinos Chichawatni Menu

           Flavors                                                           Small          Medium            Large

  • Chicken Tikka                                                   380               750                     1050
  • Chicken Fajita                                                  380                750                      1050
  • Euro                                                                    380                750                   1050
  • Chicken Supreme                                            380                  750                    1050
  • Sweet Bite                                                          380                 750                  1050
  • Margarita cheese Max                                     380                 750                     1050

APPETIZER In Papa Chinos Chichawatni’s menu and their prices


 Item Quantity Price (Rs)
Popcorn Chicken 7 pcs 150
Popcorn Chicken 14 pcs 300
Oven Baked Wings 6 pcs 250
Oven Baked Wings 12 pcs 500
Regular Fries 150
Medium Fries 200
Large Fries 250
Nuggets 5 pcs 200
Nuggets 10 pcs 400


Burgers on Papa Chinos’ menu chichawatni


Zinger Burger                                                    Rs 250

Chicken Burger                                                 Rs  180

Spicy Crispy Burger                                          Rs  220

Grill Burger                                                        Rs  300

Zinger Tower burger                                         Rs  350



Special Flavors Of Pizza And Their Prices


Pizza Special Flavors have a slightly higher price than normal pizza at Papa Chino.

Here is the list of special pizza flavors offered in Chichawatni Papa Chinos.


           Special Flavors                                             Small                  Medium          Large

  • Papa Chino white special                                   470                       830                      1150
  • Bone Fire Special                                                 470                       830                      1150
  • Supreme Labestro                                               470                       830                       1150
  • Malai Boti                                                              470                       830                       1150


The contact number of papa chinos chichawatni



Whatsapp number of papa chinos pizza chichawatni

+92 3004633328

You can also visit Their Facebook page for further details. The link is given below.

Papa Chinos Chichawatni’s Facebook page

Birthday celebration with Papa Chinos Chichawatni

Celebrate your special day with Papa Chino’s Chichawatni! We offer delightful birthday arrangements, including delicious cakes, festive decorations, and personalized surprises. Let us make your birthday memorable with our mouthwatering food and exceptional service. Book your birthday celebration with us today!



Is Papa Chinos give Home Delivery In the city Late at Night

Yes, they offered service late at night in the city only. They will bring your order to the destination by noon. After midnight they closed their services for online delivery.

Is Papa Chino’s Chichawatni open for reservations?

Definitely! Reservations are strongly advised, especially during busy times or Islamic festivals such as Eid UL Fiter, Eid UL Azha, etc. To reserve a table, please call us personally or use our online reservation system.

Does Papa Chino’s Chichawatni take special dietary requests or food sensitivities into account?

A: They know how important it is to deal with dietary needs and allergies. Our experts train any special needs or worries about yourself to help you.




In conclusion, Papa Chino’s Chichawatni is an excellent restaurant that Italian food lovers will love. They want to supply good quality and quantity so they can take the lead in pizza sales in Chicago. They’ll be adding more food options for patrons soon.

Our menu features a selection of appetisers, pizzas, pasta meals, salads, and desserts to ensure there is something for everyone. Their weekend brunch specials, family meal savings, and weekday lunch packages are great values that cut down on dining expenses. Whether you choose to eat in, order takeaway or have delivery, they go above and beyond to provide excellent service and delicious meals.

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Papa Chinos Chichawatni PHONE # AND Menu



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