Famous Restaurants In Chichawatni

Most Famous Restaurants In Chichawatni


There are many famous restaurants in Chichawatni. You can eat different types of food such as fast food, desi food, Chinese food, chicken dishes, mutton, beef, pulao and biryani. Everyone wants to get good food if he invests so that he does not regret it later. Tourist places website has been brought to you to solve this problem. The most famous restaurant in Chichawatni is Dewan Khas Hotel which is also known as the Taj Mahal Hotel. They provide extraordinary taste and their accommodation is also brilliant. Most of the customers from the entire city visit this place to enjoy food as a holiday destination.

Moreover, there are also many other restaurants such as

  1. Shahi Palace
  2. Dewan Palace
  3. Shangrila Restaurant
  4. Khan Hotel
  5. Qasoori Hotel
  6. Food Valley
  7. Karachi Naseeb Biryani
  8. Lahori Burger

Dewan -e- khas Taj Mahal Hotel Chichawatni

 Famous Restaurants In Chichawatni
Famous Restaurants In Chichawatni


This is one of the most famous places to eat food in Chichawatni. This restaurant is situated on Multan to Lahore ByPass Road. This road is also known as GT Road. This restaurant has delicious food for their customers many people from other cities also come here to enjoy the taste of the Taj Mahal Restaurant in Chichawatni. Their special dishes are reshmi kababs, Jungle Pulao, Mutton Karahi, and chicken Karahi.

Dewan Palace

This is another famous restaurant in Chichawatni where you can eat delicious foods, karahi, boneless dishes, Labaik special dish, different types of rice, and ice cream. This restaurant is situated on Sheher Wala Pul near MCB Bank Chichawatni. You can go to this place with your family and friends. They have separate well-furnished areas for families, where they can enjoy a comfortable environment and eat food.

Shangrilla Restaurants

Shangrilla Hotel is another best choice to eat food in this small city of Punjab. This place offers food only at night. They have a specialty in BBQ items and provide a comfortable open area to enjoy food. During night the lighting decoration is so awesome which attracts customers. Sometimes they have arrangments of Live Qawali functions so their customers can enjoy live performances while eating. This restaurant is situated on Bypass Road near Gulhan Fatime Colony Chichawtni.

Khan Hotel Chichawatni

Khan Hotel is located in Loha Bazar in the computer market in Chichawatni. This hotel is located in a triple-story building where you can enjoy food with your family. Khan Hotel’s menu has a diverse variety of food. The Khan Hotel in Chichawatni provides luxurious accommodations, excellent service, and contemporary conveniences. Enjoy every nuance of luxury and elegance when visiting this magnificent location in Pakistan. This is one of the most affordable restaurants in this city.

Qasoori Hotel On Food Street

If we talk about local food in this city, then Kasuri Hotel is the most famous and cheapest hotel in Chichawatni. In the most delicious dishes of this hotel, is breakfast in the morning, for which Nihari and Channay are very famous. In addition, this place’s fish and chicken pieces are very famous, especially in the winter. So you must visit this place to eat tasty food. This is located in Tharnga Chock Chichawtni.


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Food Valley is one of the famous restaurants In Chichawatni


Food Valley is another best option for you to eat delicious food in an open environment.

Another great option for you to enjoy food in Jinnah Town Phase One Chichawatni. They have open air with grassy plots for their customers. People sit on the large tables which are covered with carpet and enjoy their meal in the fresh air in the evening time. They have a unique seating arrangement and a lot of lighting to attract customers. They also offer many dishes. The most popular dish in this restaurant is Dunmba Karahi. Which they made on only special days in a week. So Food Valley is the best choice for you.

Address: Jinnah Town Phase 1 Infront of Khawar Basheer Hospital

Kabana Hotel

Best Restaurants To Eat Food In Chichawatni

Another option for you is the kabana hotel. Kabana Hotel, a double-story structure that was built recently in Chichawatni, is receiving recognition for its outstanding dining selection. Customers may have a pleasant dining experience at Kabana Hotel thanks to its modern architecture and comfortable atmosphere.

The Kabana Hotel is fast making a name for itself as the best place to eat in Chichawatni thanks to its dedication to providing high-quality meals and welcoming service.

The hotel is situated in Zahid Iqbal Chock Block Number 12 Chicahwatni.

Contact Number 0333-2222218


Qasoori Hotel is the Best Restaurants To Eat Food In Chichawatni

Breakfast Point In Chichawatni

The Kasuri Hotel is well-known for its delicious breakfast options and is located in the heart of the city’s busy food area. This restaurant is well-known for its delicious morning meals, which draw large crowds of patrons. Nihari, channa (chickpeas), salmon, and beef paay (trotters) are some of its specialties. Customers love these dishes because they taste real and have rich flavors. The Kasuri Hotel guarantees a fantastic breakfast experience that will leave you wanting more, whether you’re a visitor or a resident.

Address: Tharanga Chock Food Street Chichawatni.

Sheikh Tikka House

Sheikh Thaka House is a highly recommended place if you enjoy BBQ. This restaurant, which serves the best dishes, may not have an expensive building, but it is located in Chichawatni’s Fawara Chowk. Seven o’clock to eleven o’clock is the best time to attend and has the best chance to savor their delicious BBQ dishes. Sheikh Tikka House offers a dining experience that visitors, whether they are passing through or locals, won’t soon forget.

 Address: Fawara Chock Chichawatni

Lahori Burger Chichawatni

Lahori Burger began as a small business in the city but quickly became well-known for its mouthwatering egg burgers and other specialty items. Even with its increasing popularity, the pricing is still fair; their special burger costs only 160 rupees. This place is a must-visit for people in the mood for delicious burgers that won’t break the budget, whether they’re looking for inexpensive refreshments or special events.

Now they have two branches in the city.

Address: 39 Chungi Chock Chichawatni
2nd Branch: In Gao Shalla Ccw.


In conclusion, a wide variety of restaurants, each with its¬†distinct flavors and sensations, enhance the city’s food industry. There is something to tempt every appetite, from the well-known breakfast treats of Kasuri Hotel to the tasty BBQ options of Sheikh Tikka House, and the reasonably priced yet excellent burgers at Lahori Burger and Naan Shami. These places serve as monuments to the rich culinary legacy of the city, beckoning visitors and locals alike to experience a fascinating eating adventure, whether they are searching for inventive dishes or classic favorites.

I’m happy to have given you some insight into some of the city’s top eateries and cuisines. Please ask for help if you need anything at all, including further recommendations or anything else!

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