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Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Murree


There are many amazing and beautiful places to visit in Murree. Murree is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. Murree, one of Pakistan’s most stunning locations, is found in the foothills of the Himalayas. However, visiting well-known locations is essential during a trip to Murree.


The top ten attractions in Murree are listed on the tourist places website for you. One well-known location in Pakistan’s northern areas is Murree. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are many famous and best places to eat tasty dishes in Pakistan.

The popular place for Pakistan tour packages is Murree. Murree is well-known for offering families and couples from all across Pakistan honeymoon packages. Popular hill resort Murree is located close to the PirPanjal Range of the Himalayas in Punjab’s Rawalpindi District. Because of its gorgeous surroundings and pleasant climate, it is referred to as the “Queen of Mountains.” There are many beautiful cities in Pakistan and Murree is one of them.


Murree, known for its nice summer weather, has been a popular hill station ever since Pakistan gained its independence in 1947. Many visitors to the town come from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi region. Additionally, visitors traveling to Abbottabad and Azad Kashmir use the town as a transit hub. The distance from Rawalpindi to Murree in Kilometers is only 78 KM.



Here is the list of places that are most famous in Murree and you should visit them with your family. 

  1. Pindi Point
  2. Kashmir point
  3. The Mall Road
  4. Patriata which is also known as New Murree
  5. Bhurban
  6. NathiaGali
  7. Upper top and lower top
  8. Ayubia
  9. GhoraGali
  10. Rawat


Pindi Point is a Famous place In Murree

Pindi Point
Pindi Point


Murree uses the Pindi point a monitor his position. Because you can see Rawalpindi and Islamabad from the top, it is known as Pindi Point. The stunning Murree Hills and pine trees are also visible. From Mall Road, Pindi Point can be reached in just fifteen minutes. Families can enjoy several restaurants and cafes.

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Here, those who like to go by cable car can take pleasure in a 1.5-kilometer ride from Pindi Point to BansaraGali. Pindi Point is a tourist destination with a mountain view located in Murree, Punjab, Pakistan. It offers a look at Murree’s tall mountains and woods. Visitors may easily see Islamabad and Rawalpindi from Pindi Point. If you belong to Pakistan you must visit this beautiful near Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Kashmir Point Best Place to Visit In Murree

Kashmir Point
Kashmir Point

The lovely Kashmir Point is the next location on the list. It’s closer to GPO and a fifteen-minute walk to Kashmir Point.

Murre Hill Station was built by the British colonial authority in 1850. It quickly took control of this region. Between Pindi Point and Kashmir Point is where you’ll find Murre. Its location indicates that it appears as Kashmir Point, which offers a broad perspective of the snow-covered PirPanjal hills in Kashmir and the Himalayas.

Kashmir Point is a picturesque spot in Murree, Pakistan, offering views of the Kashmiri highlands. The Mall Road is where it is located. The point is the highest viewpoint at the location and is 7,500 feet above sea level. The highest point in Murree is this.

Peace can be found at a stunning location in Murree, far from the bustle of the main town. Tourists are always enthralled by the picturesque vista of the Kashmir Mountains and their warm environment.

In addition, a Murree Safari Train travels by the Government House (GPO) to guide visitors and offer amusement to both adults and children. The German-imported train travels around Kashmir Point. The cost of tickets is 200 PKR for each person. Students and senior adults are eligible for extra benefits.

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The Mall Raod In Murree

The Mall Raod
The Mall Raod

Murree’s Mall Road is a charming boulevard with lots of restaurants and shops for sale. A well-known spot for tourists visiting Murree. I used to spend hours taking long walks with my buddies down this path. The summertime chill makes it a popular place for people to hang out.

First and foremost is Murree’s most well-known bazaar, Mall Road. You may find all of Murree’s distinctive products here. At 3 a.m., the road opens. People usually enjoy taking walks there to take advantage of the nice weather and delicious culinary options. Yes, a busy road with hotel rooms, places to eat, handmade items, and friendly people.


Pateriata New Murree Amazing place to Visit

Pateriata New Murree
Pateriata New Murree

The hill station is a well-liked tourist destination since it has a milder climate than areas further south. Patriata, sometimes referred to as New Murree, is a highland station. It is 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) to the southeast of Murree Hill where it is located. Murree Tehsil, a part of Murree District, is where Patriata is situated. The winter months are breathtaking with their snow-capped hills, while the summer months bring back the greenery and enhance the beauty of the area.

Tourists frequently come to this charming location in Murree to take in the scenery. Here, the Gandola chairlift and cable car are the main draws for travelers. One of the largest and longest chair lifts in Murree, Pakistan, is the Patriata Chair Lift. A chair lift ticket further costs PKR 1000 per person. Hours of operation for the MurreePatriata Chairlift are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Like the chairlift, the full trip takes about 7 kilometers.



Bhurban Is The Best Place For Tourist In Murree



Bhurban’s green scenery and peaceful atmosphere have made it a popular tourist destination in Murree. Additionally, the treatment is doubled if you decide to remain at PC Bhurban. For the guest, luxurious facilities combined with beautiful surroundings are always preferred. Moreover, Bhurban is located 13 kilometers away from Murree, which is one of the primary routes that leads to Azad Kashmir.

Why is Bhubran a well-known place? Bhurban is a wonderful place to visit. It is well-known for having unusual animals and flowers that are unique to Pakistan. The hill stations give visitors some relief during the hot months. One such hill station with an amazing outlook is MureeBhurbaan.


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Nathia Gali Near Murree 

Nathia Gali
Nathia Gali

The name itself comes from the plural form of the Urdu word gali, which refers to a passageway between two mountains that is not the highest peak in the range but rather a valley on either side. Numerous communities in the region are well-known vacation destinations and have the word “gali” in their names.

Because of its greater height and colder temperature compared to the rest of the Galyat range, NathiaGali is well-known for its landscape, hiking paths, and climate. It is roughly twenty miles (20 km) from Abbottabad and 32 km from Murree.

In the entire Murree District, the Galliyat is indispensable, with Nathiagali being the most frequented Gali in the area. For example, Nathiagali is located 35 kilometers apart from Abbottabad and Murree. Situated at an elevation of 8,400 feet. In addition, the Nathiagali provides breathtaking views of Kashmir’s and Kohistan’s snow-capped peaks. In a clear climate, the massive mountains of Nanga Parbat are visible.


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Ayubia Is One of the Best Places to Visit In Murree

Beautiful Places To Visit In Murree

The most popular location after Nathiagali is Ayubia, which comes next on the list. Ayubia is well-known for the Old Khanspur Church, the Pipeline Walking Track, and the Chairlift. Due to its breathtaking scenery, hiking paths, tracks, riding trails, motels, and picnic areas, Ayubia attracts a lot of tourists.

Due to the presence of the 1,050-meter-high Ayubia National Park, it is the greatest picnic location in Murree. It also spans 3,027 meters at the peaks of the mountains inside the valleys in the lush, green mountains of Murree, where hundreds of tourists visit and enjoy the nice climate.


Ghora Gali Street


The GhoraGali is the last stop on the list of popular destinations in Murree. To accommodate the numerous tourists that come to GhoraGali, there are numerous hotels and resorts. Delicious food and breathtaking scenery make for an unforgettable experience that should only be had once in a lifetime.



Another charming area in the Murree district is Rawat, which is surrounded by a few well-known villages. Mohradarogha, Moore Khambaal, Sood Gangal, DhokAmban, and others are the most notable. Furthermore, Rawat district has a strong reputation for offering emergency basic medical care. This area is home to numerous medical clinics frequented by numerous practicing physicians.


What is Murree’s most well-known sport?

The ski resort is roughly 10 kilometers from Islamabad, the country’s capital, in the vicinity of Murree. It covers roughly 5,000 acres. Situated approximately 14,800 feet, or 4,500 meters, above sea level, it provides downhill, cross-country, snowboarding, and snow-tube skiing activities.



Murree is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Many tourists from all over Pakistan come there with their families to enjoy the pleasant weather and natural beauty of this city. The main places to visit there are Pindi Point, Mall Road, ayubiya, Nathiya Gali, and Patriayata. You can enjoy activities such as chair lift, photography, dining experience, and horse Riding on mountain tracks. These activities will make your day memorable.

I hope that this post has helped you discover some amazing places to visit in Murree.


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