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Top 10 Lakes and Beautiful Tourist Places 2024


There are many beautiful tourist places in Pakistan to visit and enjoy. This post will tell you about Pakistan’s unique places and beautiful lakes. If you are newly married and plan to enjoy your honeymoon in Pakistan, the country has so many romantic and cool places to enjoy honeymoon with your life partner. The benefit of choosing these places is ensuring you are spending quality time and can also photograph.

Pakistan has many beautiful cities to visit, either you are fond of exploring new places or you want to go shopping and eat something more tasty. These cities have several best places to eat. Every city has its traditional dishes and recipes.

Here we will discuss some amazing lakes, natural beautiful places, Hiking tracks, and lush greenery. If you are planning a tour of visit these lakes then you must know about the budget and expenditure of your tour.

Estimated Cost of Tour

Pakistan has currency in rupeese. Our currency has been devalued in the last three years as compared to dollars. Now 1 dollar is equal to 280 rupeese in Pakistan. And the petrol price in June 2024 is 280 rupees per litter. If you hire a 4 seater vehicle for three days to visit these lakes then the total estimated cost you can bear for transportation can be more than 40000 rupeese. Including all the other expenditures of eating food and residential costs, this cost can go up to 70000 for four members including everything.


How Can You Make Your Trip Successful?


What is the Best Time For Tourism In Pakistan

Knowing the ideal time to visit a location to experience it at its best is crucial, whether seeking to avoid large tourist groups or scorching weather. Although summer is unquestionably the busiest travel season, it is not the best time of year to travel.

Autumn is, in my opinion, the best season to explore the northern mountains. There are fewer tourists, lower rates, and magnificent autumn beauty.

In my opinion, when Pakistan does things right, it’s just better than most of the rest of the world. The food is amazing, the people are incredibly nice, the scenery is varied and captivating, and this country’s individuality is irresistible. Every Pakistani city has some well-known eateries where one can enjoy meals.

K2 Base Camp

Beautiful Tourist Places
Beautiful Tourist Places

K2 base camp is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. This amazing place Concordia is situated in the Karakoram Range. At more than 4,600 meters, it provides an amazing view of high peaks, including the magnificent K2. Trekkers must cross glaciers and difficult terrain to arrive at this famous location, where an adventurous attitude prevails.


Although the Everest Base Camp journey in Nepal, for example, is still far more well-known, the K2 climb is seeing an increasing number of trekkers each year. This location, which is referred to as the “Throne Room of the Mountain Gods,” is a geological wonder since it is where numerous glaciers converge. Climbers, hikers, and explorers congregate here amid soaring peaks like Broad Peak and Gasherbrum IV, making it more than just a place to stop.

Kalam Valley

Kalam Valley
Kalam Valley

For good reason, Kalam Valley in particular is a popular travel destination for both foreign and Pakistani tourists. Despite being so mountainous, Kalam, which is located in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (abbreviated KPK), enjoys a reasonably moderate climate. Even though the average height of the peaks isn’t quite as high as it is in Hunza or Skardu, the mountains and woods here are unlike anywhere else in the globe. They are vivid with rich colors. Although there are many famous places to visit in Hunza as well.


Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Swat District is a beautiful location famous for its green hills, running rivers, and peaceful lakes. The valley is a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers, providing chances for hiking, fishing, and scenic landscape exploration.

Azad Kashmir

Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth

Azad Kashmir, also referred to as Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), is a territory in Pakistan that is highly regarded for its diversified landscapes and astounding natural beauty. Nekum Valley, also referred to as the “Paradise of Kashmir,” resembles heaven on earth. Without it, the world’s beauty is lacking. The valley is well-known for its dense forest, rivers, streams, verdant meadows, and numerous waterfalls. There are many other tourist attractions in Kashmir.

It is tucked away in the Himalayan foothills and is characterized by snow-capped peaks, rivers, deep forests, and beautiful green valleys. Neelum Valley, Rawalakot, Banjosa Lake, and Ratti Gali Lake are important tourist destinations that provide breathtaking beauty as well as chances for leisure activities including boating, hiking, and relaxing.

I would like to say that this place is heaven on Earth.

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Beautiful Yasin Valley

View of Yasin Valley
View of Yasin Valley

Yasin, located high in the Hindu Kush, is renowned for its ethereal, remote beauty and, like many other regions of Pakistan, it has an intriguing past. Despite being relatively close to Gilgit city, Yasin Valley’s tourism industry is not nearly as well-established.

There are numerous rivers and mountains to explore, as well as a gorgeous valley full of amazing excursions and undiscovered treasures. You have a fair possibility of having the valley to yourself if you’d like because it’s not a very touristy or crowded area.


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Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley Image
Kalash Valley Image

This beautiful place of Pakistan is situated in the district of Chitral. This stunning place is famous due to its unique cultural heritage and natural beauty. The locals of this valley are very beautiful. Their women are so beautiful because they have unique blue colors of eyes, which are considered as God-gifted beauty. They have long shiny hairs.

The valley is made more charming by its gorgeous surroundings, which include lush farms, ascending slopes, and clear rivers. Travelers will find Kalash Valley to be an amazing location as it combines natural beauty with a rich cultural heritage. Because of Kalash’s temperate environment, summers are moderate and winters can be exceedingly harsh, therefore it’s better to schedule your vacation for the summer to avoid freezing weather and the challenges of traveling across icy, slippery roads.

Shimshal Valley

Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan
Beautiful Valley Of Pakistan

In Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan area, the Shimshal Valley is very famous for its hidden and incredible views. this high-altitude valley which is situated in the Karakoram Range, provides unforgettable views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and green grasslands. Trekking trails in this place are well known for their adventure, especially the difficult walk up to Shimshal Pass. People of Pakistan who like to enjoy advantages must visit this place in Pakistan.


Hunza Valley

 Hunza Valley
places to visit In Hunza Valley

Hunza is a well-known and unquestionably remarkable tourist destination, and it is a very unique enclave within Pakistan.

The Hunza Valley, which is in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region, is renowned for both its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural legacy. Encircled by imposing peaks such as Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, and Ladyfinger, the valley presents stunning scenery and an abundance of trekking prospects.
Numerous peaks rising to 7000 meters, some of the most strange geological formations on the planet, and the famous Karakoram Highway are all located in this valley.

Hunza has something for everyone, including well-known, charming hotels with amazing vistas, lesser-known hidden treasures, smooth highways with breathtaking views, and the world’s friendliest, most welcoming people.

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Remarkable tourist destination
Remarkable tourist destination

Situated in the upper Hunza region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Chapursan Valley is a tranquil and secluded location renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and cultural diversity. Chapursan Valley, steeped in history and the beginning of numerous treks, functioned as a point of entry to the eastern stretches of the Silk Road.

Chapursan, which means “what else do you need” in Persian, is the destination for Muslim pilgrims from all across Central Asia and has a long history of extending hospitality to visitors. The biodiversity of the valley is renowned as well, containing snow leopards and ibex. Chapursan Valley attracts tourists because of its peace, cultural encounters, and chances for hiking and adventure in a pristine, beautiful environment.

There are tonnes of amazing hikes in Chapursan, and going in the summer is the ideal way to take advantage of them without getting too cold.

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Murree Hill Station
Murree Hill Station

The Punjab province of Pakistan’s Murree is a well-liked hill station known for its verdant hills, pine trees, and refreshing atmosphere. Situated in the Pir Panjal Range, it is a well-liked haven for locals and visitors alike, who are looking for a break from the scorching summer temperatures. Murree is one of the coolest places in Pakistan. There are many famous destinations to visit in Murree.

Every year, about a million tourists travel to Murree. Over 350 hotels, both large and small, have been built in and around the town of Murree. Which materials make the nicest clothes in Murree? For outerwear, choose fabrics that offer superior warmth and insulation, such as wool, fleece, and down insulation.

Mall Road, Patriata (New Murree), Pindi Point, and Kashmir Point are important sites that provide leisure activities and beautiful vistas.

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In conclusion, Pakistan is the best place for tourism. This country tour is very affordable due to its low-value currency. Many visitors across the world visit my beloved country every year. The country is full of amazing natural beautiful places, affordable dining experiences, lakes, parks, Mountains, Cities, and historical places. Here we have discussed the estimated cost of a tour of 5 to 6 best places with your four family members. You just need to arrange a total of 70000 to 80000 rupeese to visit northern areas in Pakistan.

I hope you have found beautiful lakes and tourist places in Pakistan to visit in 2024.

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